As If We Needed More Reasons to Love Prince Harry …

Let’s face it, this video is probably the best thing we’ll see all day.

Prince Harry shares his popcorn with Emily Henson, age 2, daughter of Paralympian Dave Henson at the Sitting Volleyballevent, Invictus Games 2017, at Ryerson Mattamy Athletics Centre, Toronto, Canada. Prince Harry was sat next to former Invictus Games competitor Dave Henson’s wife, Hayley, and the Henson’s daughter, Emily, when the two-year-old spotted the royal popcorn and decided to help herself. When Harry eventually spotted her, he didn’t seem to mind too much. At first he moved the popcorn out of her reach, before laughing and passing her a piece and eventually offering to share it with her.

He then continued entertaining little Emily by pulling silly faces, which she was quick to return with interest.


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