Remove yellow armpit stains from white shirts – it’s super easy!

How to remove yellow armpit stains

Yellow armpit stains can ruin your favorite white t-shirt. But did you know they can be removed very easily?

Yellow armpit stains are a huge problem for anyone who likes to wear bright colors. They are caused by substances in deodorants and antiperspirants and can be very difficult to remove.

How to remove yellow armpit stains

Everybody has noticed yellow stains in the armpit area of a white cotton t-shirt. These yellow stains are very unsightly and can basically ruin your favorite top, shirt or dress!

Sweating causes yellow armpit stains on white t-shirts and it’s good to know how to remove them (foto:Profimedia)

Yellow armpit stains can be prevented by not using deodorants or antiperspirants that contain certain ingredients that stick to the fabric. Many people report that using natural deo crystals does not lead to yellow stains on white clothes. Some people swear by natural or home made deodorants. However, even they can leave yellow stains in the armpit area since they can be caused by sweat and skin oils alone.

5 different ways of removing yellow armpit stains

To prevent the formation of hard-to remove yellow armpit stains it is crucial to act as soon as you notice the first shade of yellow.

  1. To prevent yellow stains, rinse the armpits of your white t-shirt after wearing with warm water and rub the spots with stain removing soap or pre-washing soap, then wash.
  2. Since the armpit stains are caused by greasy residue a regular degreaser can be applied before washing. Use dish soap or kitchen / bathroom cleaners!
  3. Soak the affected armpit area in white distilled alcohol before washing.
  4. Crush a couple of aspirin pills into a powder and ad a few drops of water to get a firm paste. Rub the paste onto moistened armpits and let it work for some time before washing.

Yellow armpit stains have ruined too many of our favorite white t-shirts – let’s put an end to this and learn how to remove them!;)

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