These are the most expensive shoes in the world!

Here are the perfect shoes for a well heeled lady – it’s a pair of golden stilettos with a $17 million USD price tag.The company behind the Passion Diamond shoes say they are the world’s most expensive.The shoes are made from gold patent leather, silk, and embellished with 236 diamonds.

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These shoes are also featuring around 15 carat flawless D- diamond centre piece at the tip of each shoe. The Passion Diamond shoes are made in collaboration with jewellery brand Passion Jewllers. Earlier this year the company unveiled its royal collection, also in collaboration with jewellery brand Passion Jewellers, which included a pair for $285,000 USD. The new one of a kind shoes will be made bespoke to fit the buyer, but a prototype has been created in Italy that will be viewed by just 50 VIP clients at what’s billed as the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai where Jada Dubai is based.

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The shoes took nine months to create and even feature real gold labels on the inside.The stilettos will top the $15 million pair by UK designer Debbie Wingham and sold to a Middle- Eastern client who bought them for a daughter.Jada Dubai co-founder Maria Majari, said:” We wanted to create a truly unique piece.“Jada Dubai designs only shoes with diamonds. “For the launch of our second collection, we wanted to create a piece that is truly unique in the world using very rare diamonds. “Even inside, the logos of both companies are made out of gold, which is very thin, so it will be very comfortable for walking.”The prototype is a European size 36 (US 5.5, UK 3.5), but the shoes will be custom-made to the client’s size – once he or she has stumped up the full retail price. OPS: Passion Diamond shoes prototype.

Foto: Profimedia

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