American Music Awards 2018 – All the Dresses worth to see

Celebrities attended American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Look at what they were wearing.

Ciara (Photo: Profimedia)
Halsey (Photo: Profimedia)
Laura Marano (Photo: Profimedia)
Cobie Smulders (Photo: Profimedia)
Ashlee Simpson (Photo: Profimedia)
Heidi Klum (Photo: Profimedia)
Tyra Banks (Photo: Profimedia)
Cardi B (Photo: Profimedia)
Amara La Negra (Photo: Profimedia)
Amber Heard (Photo: Profimedia)
Normani Kordei Hamilton (Photo: Profimedia)
Camila Cabello (Photo: Profimedia)
Dua Lipa (Photo: Profimedia)
Loren Gray (Photo: Profimedia)
Tiffany Young (Photo: Profimedia)
Tiffany Young,Poppy (Photo: Profimedia)
Jessie James Decker (Photo: Profimedia)
Carrie Underwood (Photo: Profimedia)
Mariah Carey (Photo: Profimedia)
Vanessa Hudgens (Photo: Profimedia)
Camila Cabello (Photo: Profimedia)
Taylor Swift (Photo: Profimedia)
Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Profimedia)
Rita Ora (Photo: Profimedia)

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