Wait For It…You’ll Never See This Coming!

This is truly the surprise of all surprises. Don’t read this if you truly want to be surprised.

This throwback clip shows a pregnant woman and a man. The woman asks if they want to see the baby and she lifts up her shirt. The man begins to kiss her stomach. He coos at her stomach, and kisses it affectionately. The man then says, “I can’t wait to see you! What do you look like? It’s then revealed that the man isn’t kissing the baby bump, but actually the forehead of a man! He appears just like magic! It’s some funny stuff.

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Well This Is Awkward

This trio plays some beautiful violin music until things take a turn for the super awkward. A two women and a man perform in a violin trio indoors when the mans chair breaks and they stop the performance.

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Epic Baby Gender Reveals!

Gender reveals have been a big trend as of late – whether it’s a big party or just the immediate family, it’s a fun and creative way to announce the arrival of the new addition! But, as with anything, things can go wrong – if there’s an elaborate reveal, something may go awry, and let’s not mention the reaction of the soon-to-be siblings!