Pink and Channing Tatum swap genders before indulging in some S&M in new video for her single Beautiful Trauma

Pink’s New Music Video Starring Channing Tatum Has Arrived!

Pink wowed at the AMAs this week when she performed the song suspended off a 34-story building by a high wire. And now the singer’s new video for the song, it just as memorable as it features hunky actor Channing Tatum as her 50s style husband. The duo are seen cross-dressing with Tatum donning red lipstick and a dress while Pink puts on a man’s suit and tie. And after doing typical 50s chores like ironing and the dishes, Pink swaps her demure full shirt for PVC and a whip as they then indulge in some saucy bondage with another girl. Tatum is trussed up as Pink gets her wicked way with him, before the pair retire to the bedroom – and in typical 50s style – separate beds!

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