Cake art at it’s finest!

These designs are far from a piece of cake – with hours of work going into the complicated treats.

Cake artist Molly Robbins, 26, has spent the past six years perfecting her amazing designs on all sorts of cakes. She has decorated multi-tiered birthday cakes which include trains running around them, full-sized dress cakes, a super-sweet cheeseboard and even recreated an owners dog in icing. Her ideas can take up to five whole days to come to fruition and she even has to borrow her mums car to ferry the larger ones around the country.

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Here’s What Really Happens When You Swallow Chewing Gum

Countless, possibly even almost all, children have been warned of the dangers of swallowing gum, be they its supposed 7-year digestion period or the equally long time it will stay in one’s system. Regardless of how the news of one’s unfortunate fate is phrased, it’s just not true.