Little Girl Loves Pizza And Hates Veggies

Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s just the best comfort food ever! And this little girl agrees!

I feel like having a slice of that delicious dish right now! The only problem with pizza is the fact that you can’t eat it every day because it’s not really the healthiest option out there. But you can treat yourself every once in awhile, just like the baby girl form this video did! If you are a huge fan of pizza just like me, you’ll love this video for sure! As the clip begins, you can see a cute little girl enjoying a delicious slice of pizza. Her dad asks whether the pizza is good and she nods. Oh, how cute is this little lover of Italian cuisine? But then, her dad offers her some veggies on a fork and her facial expression changes completely. LOL! She reacts to the veggies with the funniest sour face. She can’t even open her eyes to take a look at those veggies, let alone take a bite. So hilarious!

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