A Comfy Sleeping Bag For All The Pizza-Loving Campers Out There

There is no better way of expressing your love for the most delicious food in the world than to sleep with (in) it

This sleeping bag has to do with two of the best things in the world: sleeping and pizza. Here’s a tasty-looking sleeping bag –in the shape of a giant pizza slice. It even has some mouth-watering vegetable toppings which actually serve as pillows.

The hand-made Plain Slice of Pizza bag costs $200 USD / €180 Euros / £154 GBP while the broccoli, mushroom, onion ring ,pepperoni slice and olive shaped pillows are extra.

For short to average tall pizza fans only :/

It measures 6 feet / 182 cms long and is the work of designer Brook Abboud and is sold from her store B. Fiber and Craft Emporium on shopping website Etsy.

Brook, from Pennsylvania, USA, said: ”The top of the sleeping bag , the sauce and cheese pattern, is hand-dyed. The bag is lined with flannel which makes it not only adorable but also warm and cozy.”

It is part of her Comfort Food range which features food-themed creations. Brook is a graduate of Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She added:” My “Comfort Food” line is the most popular!” OPS: The Plain Slice of Pizza sleeping bag optional topping pillows including pepperoni, olive, mushroom and broccoli.

What better way to dream about the cheesy goodness of a fresh oven-baked Italian treat!

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