Hurricane Florence 2018: People stock up on supplies as they prepare for Hurricane Florence

Shoppers at Costco in Apex, NC stock up on supplies like bottled water as they prepare for Hurricane Florence to hit the area.

A shopper at Academy Sports and Outdoors in Apex, NC loads his van with bottled water in preparation for Hurricane Florence (Photo: Profimedia)
Shoppers at Costco in Apex, NC stock up on supplies like bottled water as they prepare for Hurricane Florence to hit the area (Photo: Profimedia)
A Costco employee (Yellow Vest) attempts to direct traffic at the Costco gas pumps in Apex, NC, a part of the Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle. Gas shortages are effecting the area with some stations closed and all having long lines (Photo: Profimedia)
A shopper at the Costco in Apex, NC prepares to unload a cart of water, toilet paper and other essentials in preparation for Hurricane Florence to hit the area (Photo: Profimedia)
The pumps at the Shell gas station on Western Boulevard featured ”out of gas” signs as people prepared to ride out Hurricane Florence (Photo: Profimedia)
Category 4 Hurricane Florence, upper left, is seen from the GOES-East satellite (Photo: Profimedia)
As Hurricane Florence makes its way closer to the NC coast, residents have cleaned the shelves of basic necessities like bottled water (Photo: Profimedia)
Tarek Elshik fills gas cans to fuel a generator to refrigerate insulin for his 10-year-old daughter Yasmeen Elshik’s Type 1 diabetes treatment in case power goes out during Hurricane Florence (Photo: Profimedia)
South Carolina Prepares for Monster Storm Hurricane Florence (Photo: Profimedia)

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