The Cutest Baby Video Ever!

This is one of the cutest baby videos ever! We don’t know what it is with these videos, but we just can’t stop watching them! They are so precious and cute!

In this video, the adorable baby is spending some quality time with her dad. From what we can hear, he is trying to watch the game, but his adorable baby is not letting him! She is sitting, and making grunting noise! And do we have to guess why babies make grunting noise? LOL! We are guessing it is potty time, and she chooses the right place to do it! Right in her dad’s lap! Wise choice, little one! We would think that her dad would not be happy about it, but this dad has no problem with it! The most important thing is that he is spending some quality time with his daughter. What a precious and funny video!”


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Cute Kids Taking Selfies Compilation

Check out this adorable and hilarious compilation of kids and babies taking selfies. I promise that you will be questioning your selfie taking skills the entire time you might even feel like stealing some of their poses slash techniques.

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Epic Baby Gender Reveals!

Gender reveals have been a big trend as of late – whether it’s a big party or just the immediate family, it’s a fun and creative way to announce the arrival of the new addition! But, as with anything, things can go wrong – if there’s an elaborate reveal, something may go awry, and let’s not mention the reaction of the soon-to-be siblings!