ContentExchange: A project you should consider investing in

Among several projects applied, ContentExchange was one of the selected projects that was co-finaced by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


The European financial investment may serve as confirmation of competence, reliability and efficiency of the Content Exchange team of experts. We are very honored to carry out the intelligent cloud platform which identifies demographic data referring to user applications in smart cities, communities and businesses.

,,With that co-finance we couldn’t have better proof that we are on the right path.“ (Marijan)

The goal of smart cities in smart communities is to offer new, innovative intelligent services to members of the community through more effective interaction with them and effective responses to their needs. The IOP2017 platform will enable user profiling in user application within intelligent cities, which will be provided in real time.




,,Our mission is to change the way companies communicate with their online audience and cutomers. Through helping companies to better understand their customers, we help customers to get exactly what they want and need.“ (Stefan)

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