Watch 15 Epic Exploding Fruits (video)

What does it take to make some fruits go boom? Apparently just a bag full of rubber bands and a whole lot of patience! That’s all it took for these kids to have some summer fun with exploding fruits!

Want to see some high flying fruits in slow motion? Just click play!

Source: 15 Epic Exploding Fruits by AFV on Rumble

Watch also 11 Epic Birthday Fails:

These people didn’t quite get the birthday that they were hoping for! You won’t believe just how many ways a simple birthday party can go wrong! Be sure to be on the look out for these potential disasters when your birthday comes around! You won’t want to be caught off guard!

Source: 11 Epic Birthday Fails by AFV on Rumble

And here are 10 Epic Segway Fails of All Time:

If there’s one thing that you’ll see at any major tourist location is the iconic Segway. There’s no better way to travel around the city to see the sights than on one of these epic motored rides. Just remember that these things are not as easy to ride as you think! Just check out these epic Segway fails!

Source: 10 Epic Segway Fails of All Time by AFV on Rumble

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