Make Your Own Greek Yogurt – It’s So Easy!

Why buy it when you can prepare it at home for much less money

Learn how to make greek-style yogurt from simple plain yogurt you buy in the store!

Greek yogurt is delicious and quite pricey, compared to plain yogurt. But what if we told you that you can make it at home without the need for fancy equipment or ingredients?

All you need is some plain yogurt, a strainer, a bowl and a straining cloth (but some strong paper towels or a clean kitchen cloth will do as well).

See the exact procedure in the video below.

Now you know how to get thick, creamy greek-style yogurt from regular homemade or store-bought plain yogurt.

Now that you know how to make greek yogurt yourself you can use it in many ways – here are 5 uses for greek yogurt that you might not think of…

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