Some men should just not attempt a “do it yourself” project!

Handyman Wannabe Ruins Pool Slide.

DIY is generally a realm reserved for the seasoned handyman, and yet many regular guys out there simply can’t admit their own limitations. Folks, there are many experienced craftsman out there offering their services for an affordable price. There’s no need to undertake a large project, the scale of which you’ve never dealt with before. This is especially true when someone you care about, like a child, could potentially get hurt.

We come into this video on what is immediately obvious to be a botched job. What you got there is a bunch of shoddily assembled wooden planks, some flimsy red straps making a sad attempt to stabilize it, an unsecured ladder resting against the edge, and with a few hoses jury-rigged to it to make it a water slide. It’s a good thing this man decided to test it out before his children did, because it could’ve been very, very ugly.

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