Captain The Dog’s Incredible Rescue Story

A sad story with a happy ending that will melt your heart!

We simply can’t get over the amazing adoption story of Captain James Hook Walburn aka “Captain”, a tiny 7-year-old Chinese-Crested Pomeranian mix who was rescued off of the streets and nursed back to health just over two years ago. After living in a shopping cart on the streets of Bakersfield, CA with his previous owner and eventually being held in the local police station as evidence, Captain was rescued by The Real Bark Rescue of Los Angeles and nursed back to health. Fate led Captain’s parents Molly and Jerod to an adoption event in Echo Park, where they experienced what Molly called “love at first sight”. Now, Captain spends everyday receiving more love, care and attention that any pup could ever dream of! We’re so happy for you, Captain!

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