Short film makes powerful statement and the world can’t stop crying

Run home and hug your dog!

This short film is our gift to all living creatures on the planet and we hope you will like it, and it will make an impact. Than it was worth it.
This is the only director approved version.

Dogs are family. I wonder, would someone who abandons their dog abandon their child when they get bored by it??

This dog named Blue King has been literally crying after being surrendered to the shelter. Such a heartbreaking moment. Hopefully he gets adopted soon!

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Laundry Detergent Pod ingestion can cause serious injury and fatality. Do NOT eat them and keep them out of reach of children and impaired adults. No laundry pods were consumed in the making of this video. The purpose of this video is to tell a story and educate. This is based on a true story occurring January 2018, USA.

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