Even the celebrities ride with the subway

Even the famous can save! Take a look at celebrities that are not crowded by public transport and go to work with the subway.

Helen Mirren (Photo: Profimedia)
Nicole Scherzinger (Photo: Profimedia)
Mariah Carey (Photo: Profimedia)
Kristen Stewart (Photo: Profimedia)
Katie Holmes goes shopping and rides a crowded subway R train in Manhattan’s Soho Neighborhood (Photo: Profimedia)
Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez spend time together riding the subway (tube) in London (Photo: Profimedia)
Rihanna (Photo: Profimedia)
Jessica Alba Stops at Starbucks and then Hops on the Subway (Photo: Profimedia)
Drew Barrymore checks out her iPhone as she takes a ride on the subway (Photo: Profimedia)
Helen MIrren rides the subway in New York (Photo: Profimedia)
Cynthia Nixon Spotted in Soho (Photo: Profimedia)
Jessica Chastain wears a black Burberry trench coat and carries a Givenchy Horizon satchel bag while taking subway ride as she runs errands (Photo: Profimedia)
Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon rides the NYC subway in downtown Manhattan (Photo: Profimedia)
Dakota Fanning rides the NYC subway with no make up in Midtown Manhattan after doing some shopping on 5th avenue (Photo: Profimedia)
Liev Schreiber takes his young son Samuel Kai on the subway train for a visit to the doctor’s office (Photo: Profimedia)
Joaquin Phoenix looking a little scruffy chafed with a friend before getting on a subway in New York City (Photo: Profimedia)
Actor John Goodman is spotted on the 1 Train downtown local in New York City after waiting on the West 72nd street platform with a blonde woman, believed to be his wife (Photo: Profimedia)
Kathy Griffin (Photo: Profimedia)
Juliette Lewis (Photo: Profimedia)

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