This little girl is so us when we were younger!

Greens are good for you? Well, no, thank you!

When we were younger we loved food, as we do today, but greens were just not our thing. Even though greens are very healthy, sometimes we just can handle it. Today, we enjoy greens and Brussels sprouts are one of our favorite things to eat, but back then…it was a struggle. Just as it is for the little girl in this video.

Trying something new

She is enjoying lunchtime, but then decides it is time to try something new. She sees Brussels sprouts on the table and decides to give it a try, but she regrets this decision very fast. As soon as she tastes it, she makes a funny disgusted face and shakes her head after spitting the brussels sprouts out. We definitely do not blame her, we were the same. It takes some time, but we are sure she will become a Brussels sprouts fan in the future.

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