These are some of the funniest flipping gymnastic clips you will see today… All Fails

Gymnastic fails are funny enough but these are the best of the best. Check out the video and comment below. Have any funny gymnastic fail clips or stories, feel free to share.

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Funny Compilation: Home Workout Fails

The hardest part of starting a new work out plan is getting started. Which is why many people begin their workout program at home. Now that I think about it – the hardest part about working out might be the workout fails – ESPECIALLY considering the hilarious fails in this video compilation.


Dad Tries Hoverboard and FAILS

A man falls while trying to ride an electric hoverboard inside the house. Have you ever tried to ride one of these hoverboards? They are tricky! This man is determined to give it a try and he isnt afraid to lean on his dad and his daughter. Even with the help of his family, he manages to fall.

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