When it comes to the bizarre, this park has got it covered!

Penis shaped artworks on display at Haesindang Park, also called Penis Park, Sinnam, Gangwon Province, South Korea.

The Haesindang Park in Gangwon province, South Korea, is full of massive TODGER sculptures. The phabulous designs on display range from the artist to the strange one of the exhibits appear to have had a gun carriage propping it up.

While the park features several rather obvious designs, the crown jewel of the park a row of privates, each carved to contain a different woodland critter, with a sea view to boot. The parks inception however, is more tragic than a couple of blokes arsing around.

Watch video: Haesindang – A visit to the Penis Park

And who would it thought…there is also a penis restaurant in South Korea. The famous restaurant is located in Pocheon, South Korea. This restaurant is famous for being decorated entirely in penises. There are penis plates, penis cups, penis doorknobs, penis art, etc. Everything revolves around the iconic image of the penis.

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