Ultimate Winter Fun: Funny Skiing Fail

Skiing is the ultimate winter fun, but funny skiing falls make it hilarious, as long nobody gets hurt just like in this video with an ambitious ski jumping beginner.

Learning the basic skiing techniques, like straight downhill snow skiing takes time but trying to hit some skiing jumps before mastering the basics can be pretty rough. It seems that this skier here either didn’t know that or he just got a bit impatient and decided to give it a go! Or maybe, he was just taken by surprise with an unexpected bump on this skiing trail. Either way, his landing wasn’t a very successful one. In fact, it was pretty hilarious! Instead of having a nice, soft landing this guy just crashed down the slope, lost his skis and slipped away, provoking roars of laughter! Fortunately, this minor skiing accident had a happy ending and just turned into one of the funniest skiing falls.

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