Grandpa Learns That He Finally Got A Grandson and his reaction is priceless!

This video has captured one of the sincerest and heartfelt reactions a human being is capable of. Simply beautiful!

Having children is a wonderful thing. It is often the end goal when new families start their lives. Children bring so much joy to our lives. They can be really hard to raise and you may not always see eye to eye with them, but the love and amazing memories that they bring make it worth putting up with all those challenges! You can only imagine the joy that this man felt when he found out that after so many years of being the only male in the family, he finds out his newest grandchild is actually a boy.

One of the best news anyone can ever receive is the news about a new baby in the family! And double that excitement when the news about a newborn soon arriving is that of your own brother or sister (or both)! And this video is all about it! It has captured one of the sincerest and heartfelt reactions a human being is capable of. Simply beautiful! Relax, take that precious cup of coffee and don’t miss a second of it!

After several generations of being the only male in the family, this loving grandpa finds out his newest grandchild is actually a boy. Meeting his third grandchild for the first time in Breese, Illinois, USA, James Patrick is about to receive an unforgettable gift on the morning of his 49th birthday.

After having two sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters, James was resigned to being the only man in the family, after he had been told he was walking in to meet yet another girl, his third granddaughter. He’s no mean grandpa though and of course, he loves all his grandkids, no matter if they are girls or boys. He stands above his daughter Carie’s bed and watches the baby lovingly, not having a clue about what is about to unfold.

She slowly unwraps the blanket in which the baby is swaddled, showing tiny pink arms and legs, to which grandpa just comments how long the baby’s fingers are. She then pushes those tiny arms away, showing a tee that says “FYI: I’m a boy!”

Baffled at first, James first says “where’d you get that”, before shouting, “no way,” as the penny finally dropped. He looks like he doesn’t believe his ears, to which the son-in-law encourages him to check for himself. That is not in the video, but we hope he believed them.

That must have been a big surprise and a long-awaited one for James. The entire setting, or more accurately put – setup looks like a belated gender reveal party. For example, these expectant parents tear up during gender reveal party. You can see a balloon in the shape of the mother, holding a pregnant belly. And when the young parent popped the belly balloon, out came tiny pink ones, thus telling them that they will finally have a baby girl! Such a heartwarming, tear-jerking video.

Kudos to this family for creating such a unique gender reveal. This is sure to be one memory that this family will remember for the rest of their lives! And not only them: we will remember and cherish it as well and we are convinced that it will serve as a great help to many that are searching for cool ideas for their baby gender reveal parties!

What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen a unique gender reveal before? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section!

Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile! This is one moment that no one should ever miss!

Source: Grandpa Learns That He Finally Got A Grandson by Caters_News

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