It is hard to pick a favorite in this hilarious copy-cat animals compilation!

ANIMALS ARE WILD! Talking Birds, Cats Who Think They’re Dogs, Animals Doing Hooman Things.

Which is funnier? Cats who think they are dogs? Birds talking and saying some REALLY funny stuff? Or pets doing human-like things? \n\nHere are my Top 3 favorite clips in this FUNNY pet videos compilation: \n1. Who let the dogs out [in?] – (first video) – I am not sure this kitteh really knew what it was in for when opening the door. I assume it was trying to go outside but before you know it… 3 dogs came rushing in! SURPRISE! \n2. Listen to the Bird… you’re a good boy!! – (1:01) – When in doubt, listen to the birds!! Mostly because they are funnier than some of the funniest comedians I have seen!\n3. What sound does a bird make? – (3:48) – if you ask the birds in the following clips … birds bark. YUP… birds bark like dogs (LOL).

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