What’s With All The Naked Photos Of Teenagers On The Internet??


There is an enormous number of sites where teenagers upload their sexually explicit images, including Facebook.

Experts in the area of Internet crime warn that teenagers themselves are usually responsible for photos of their naked bodies appearing online! (Photoxpress)

Teenagers post explicit pictures on the Internet

If you still believe that child pornography and photos of naked teenagers are largely posted on the Internet by pedophiles, you are mistaken. Teenagers themselves often ensure that these photos end up on the internet, either they post them or forward them to people who post them. Photos can also be posted by computer hackers. In any event, the number of sexually explicit photos of teenagers on the internet is rapidly growing and not only pedophiles are responsible for that.

What do experts say?

These conclusions were reached by experts in one of the conferences on forensic psychology, and they are unanimous that  increasingly more teenagers post sexually explicit photos on the internet where they usually have better distribution than expected.

“Here we call it grooming, but in the United States it is known as sexual solicitation and research there shows that about half of all solicitation is done by juveniles,” Ethel Quayle, of the Combating Paedophile Information Networks in Europe (COPINE) project in UCC, told.

“Girls who use chatrooms are most at risk and young people who are personally troubled or in conflict with their parents are particularly vulnerable. As a result, we are seeing the increasing criminalisation of children, but that is not the answer,” Dr. Quayle added.

As an example of criminalization of children,  experts stated the case of Adrian Ringland, a 36-year-old British pedophile who used Internet chatrooms to hack into the computers of teenage girls.

Sending sexual images via Facebook and mobile phones

There is an enormous number of sites where teenagers upload their sexually explicit images, including Facebook. It is also popular among young people to exchange photos via mobile phones.

Experts also confirmed that the Internet is the medium which lacks appropriate protection and it needs to be technically updated. Until then, dear teenagers and parents, you have to be careful about your correspondence with others and the photos you post and send to your friends because they can quickly fall in the wrong hands.

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