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Oouch: Mechanical Bull Fails

It’s easy to look at a mechanical bull and think, “yeah, I could ride that with no problems”. Actually managing to stay on, however, is a whole different issue! Luckily, these people who overestimated their rodeo abilities all had some nice padding to fall on – so the only wounded thing here is their pride!


Worst Mascot Fails! (video)

Some people think costumed mascots are an awesome way to add excitement to life, but not everyone agrees with this point of view. Some people find them creepy, or even downright scary – and they aren’t afraid to let it be known that they are NOT ok with this mascot madness!


These Kids have Moves!

Are there any dance competitions currently holding auditions? Because I think we have a real winner here! These kids are all-in when it comes to moving and grooving! If competitions were based on enthusiasm, there wouldn’t be a question – these little guys would definitely be the kings!

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Playground fun is not just for kids!

Everyone can enjoy the playground – and everyone can fail on one, too! That’s part of the fun! If you’re feeling playful, you should definitely watch this hilarious comp of playground fails of all ages! Just try not to fail yourself!


Pets Getting their Hair Styled (video)

If you thought pets didn’t care about stuff like style and looks, you may be surprised by this compilation! These pets are loving the pampered life, and love to be silky-smooth and sleek – however, they may not always like how they get that way! You know what they say; beauty is pain!


Kid gets Caught in Candy Lie!

Hmm…this young boy insists he hasn’t had any candy, but there’s something that tells me that he isn’t telling the truth! Namely, it’s that big blue stain around his mouth that gives him away! It looks like he doesn’t realize that the evidence is all over his face…but his parents certainly do!