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Which sexy professions are the real turn-on for people? Is your job among them? Read more about it in the article.

Sexy profession: Nurse and stewardess

SEXY PROFESSION: Doctors are hot, right? (photo:Profimedia)

The most ‘maternal’ sexy profession (men obviously find that sexy) are the professions of nurse and stewardess. Both positions involve care for the needs of an individual and thus they’re often connected with sexual fantasies. Naturally, a great deal of complaisance, kindness and understanding are required for such professions because of which they often stir the imagination of those who like to be pampered in sexual intercourse and, at the same time, want to feel somewhat helpless or leave their body to the hands of other people. When the profession is slightly naughty, a nurse or stewardess quickly find themselves wearing mini skirt and showing their voluptuous breasts and big juicy lips in these naughty fantasies.


In naughty fantasies, a teacher represents intellectuality and elegance as well as a little strictness. This is definitely no longer a maternal profession, but it’s a rather dominant position of a woman who is self-confident and knows well what to expect from her student. In her fantasies, a teacher often imagines men who want to have sex with a woman aware of what she wants and how to get it. In erotic dreams, a teacher often appears in a mini skirt and a short blouse, wearing high heels and glasses. Men most frequently dream about a scene where a teacher loosens her hair and from a reserved and strict person turns into a seductive, sexy and erotic woman.


Firefighter is considered a sexy profession mostly in the USA. Women simply adore men who are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others. All the heat and fire they have to endure present an additional obstacle and an additional erotic stimulant at the same time, since it quickly evokes an association with a sweaty body. Psychologists often explain this kind of comprehension of the firefighter job with the fact that in reality women subconsciously want to be saved, that is, saved from the single and boring life, in sex as well as everyday life. In their fantasies, firefighters often appear topless. Their hoses are an additional charm because, according to psychologists, they represent the penis from which semen is ejaculated to extinguish a woman’s fire.


The sexy profession of soldier has its sex appeal thanks to the uniform. Women who like strong, cool, firm and fearless men will often say that soldier are the sexiest men in the world. Women who find solders sexy want to have a firm and fearless man at their side, who would even give his life to protect his family. Therefore, they want to be protected as well as saved. They want to be slightly dominated and subordinate in bed, or in other words, they want a man who’ll know how to take what he wants. In women’s fantasies, soldiers are often dirty, muddy and sweaty, and they don’t wear helmets.


The sexy profession of secretary is often understood as sexy thanks to the fact that a secretary satisfies all the needs of her boss; therefore, a person who is in a higher position. In addition the factor of compliance and obedience, this also involves a certain extent of intellectuality and formality that sooner or later disappear in fantasies and a seductive and elegant woman appears to satisfy a man’s desires. In erotic dreams, secretaries are dressed – similar to teachers – in mini skirts, blouses, high heels, and wear glasses and have a pulled-back hairdo.

Police officer: super sexy profession

The sexy profession of police officer is sexy primarily because of the powers and professional tools. A police officer can put handcuffs on you, read your right and demand that you do exactly what he wants. Therefore, a police officer is a very appropriate fantasy for women who want to be guided and controlled in bed. His baton represents the penis in the erect state and the gun around his waist ensures him the perfect dominance. He also has a right to search your body from head to toe!

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