You Are What You Read: Text Mining Is Opening New Doors To Personalized Content

Through ever more sophisticated techniques text mining extracts the useful information and knowledge hidden in text content. Tech companies today try to get ahead of competitors by exploring various applications of machine learning and text evaluation

In 2011, IBM Watson stunned the audience of Jeopardy by beating two human candidates. Some years later, Microsoft Azure and Google’s DeepMind were training their programs with materials from literary texts, functional texts, customer reviews, tweets, Facebook posts, or similar unstructured text data, in addition to IBM Watson. And end products such as the voice input programs Siri or Coltrane have long since found their way into our everyday lives.

The day the general public first came in contact with the power of machine learning:
Spectators watch as IBM’s computer ‘Watson’ takes on two human opponents during Jeopardy – and wins! Watson crushed the two human opponents with a final score of $77,147. Watson’s closest opponent had only $24,000. (photo:Profimedia)

The applications of machine language processing and evaluation (text mining) seem endless. One of the more exciting ways to use text mining is the creation of user profiles.

Profiles are the future of online marketing

A team of media specialists and big data scientists at the startup BehaviourExchange are working on a new approach to clustering web content that utilizes users’ preferences. These preferences may imply grouping or dividing initial clusters of users, based on their demographic and psychographic characteristics,  so that the resulting clusters represent users’ profiles. This approach is then applied to enable webmasters to adjust the content of the website to each visitor, conforming to their profile.

> The CEO of BehaviourExchange explains why his project is about to change the way we use the internet

B2C businesses, particularly, have long been seeking new ways to communicate with their (potential) customers in a more personal manner. Web users, on the other hand, also benefit from personalized content greatly, since they avoid getting bombardment with general content and ads, targeting everyone and noone (more in this article). BehaviourExchange creates a new engagement paradigm between brands and consumers. It cracks the code of how to reach a massive audience and have a personalized, one-to-one relationship with each consumer. For businesses this means greater efficiency and for regular people it makes for a more pleasant digital experience.

Would you like become part of the project? Find out more below:

With your help BehaviourExchange will shape the digital future and create a more satisfying online experience for businesses and customers alike. Become part of the project!

BehaviourExchange is offering a limited number of BEX tokens to early contributors in a private pre-sale on February 23rd 2018. If you wish to be a part of the project, you can whitelist on the official BehaviourExchange website.

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