People in China put leeches on their faces to get rid of acne

Beautician in China uses slimy green leeches to ‘suck away’ patient’s acne, in bizarre video.

You might think applying leeches to a person’s skin has long been consigned to the days of plague, pestilence and people slopping their waste out the window onto rat infested streets.

However, the ‘thousand year old’ therapy has just been used to help cure a woman’s facial acne. Well, they do say vintage beauty treatments are in vogue right now…

Squeamish footage has appeared which shows four slimy, green leeches squirming around on the woman’s forehead, cheeks and chin. Not exactly a relaxing day at the beauty parlour.

The woman, who is from China, looks remarkably calm as the wriggly creatures slurp on her skin, apparently hungrily sucking away her pimples.
The footage – which was uploaded to Chinese website on September 18 – shows the unusual beautician applying and positioning the moist leeches using a cotton bud.

Cheerfully discussing the slippery procedure, the beautician explains to her patient how the leeches could well improve the smoothness of her skin.

She also claims they are capable of removing age spots, all with the power of their tiny yet mighty mouths.

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