Miley Cyrus proves that a star can look stylish even in casual clothes

miley cyrus outfit

Just think of all the celebrity-fashion-fail-paparazzi-shots. We think everybody should learn from stylish yet down-to-earth Miley Cyrus!

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This is one killer velvet dress!

Joy Corrigan attending the 2018 Angel Ball, hosted by Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research in New York. She wore a killer velvet dress that revealed a little bit more than she wanted. Or maybe it was intentional? You’ll be the judge.


These are the most expensive shoes in the world!

Here are the perfect shoes for a well heeled lady – it’s a pair of golden stilettos with a $17 million USD price tag.The company behind the Passion Diamond shoes say they are the world’s most expensive.The shoes are made from gold patent leather, silk, and embellished with 236 diamonds.