Men who planned to kill and castrate Justin Bieber arrested

castration justin bieber

The U.S. police have uncovered an insane and gruesome plot hatched by three men who planned to castrate and kill teenage pop singer Justin Bieber.

castration justin bieber
Three men planned to kill and castrate Justin Bieber

Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane were allegedly hired by Dana Martin, who is serving 978 years in prison for rape and murder, to allegedly abduct Bieber while he was in New York to perform concerts in late November and strangle him with a neck tie, according to KRQE-TV in Alberquerque.

Police claim Staake met Martin in Las Cruces prison in New Mexico, where Martin recruited him to kill four people, including Bieber. Martin is reportedly obsessed with the Canadian singer, and has a tattoo of the 18-year-old on his leg.

He allegedly ordered Staake to carry out “the murder and castration of Bieber and his bodyguard”.

Police intercepted phonecalls between the men, including a call from a disappointed Mr Ruane to Martin, allegedly telling him that the plot had not been carried out.

Staake was arrested in Vermont and Ruane was arrested shortly later in New York, where police found a pair of pruning shears in his car.

Police were able to track them down after they confronted Martin with the plot and he explained where to find them.

Bieber’s management have declined to comment.

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