Want to get a Kim Kardashian butt? This is the secret to a curvy and firm backside!

Original Kim Kardashian butt

Many women dream of having a Kim Kardashian butt. And it is possible to get one…

If there’s anyone on this planet who knows how to get a Kim Kardashian butt, it’s the guy who trains Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian butt surgery
To get a Kim Kardashian butt, too many women resort to plastic surgery. However, it is possible to do it in a more natural way… (photo: Profimedia)

When he was asked about it, he explained that when a woman wants to get a Kim Kardashian butt, she’s usually referring to “enhancing the gluteus maximus and medius while keeping (or making) the waist small.” Specifically, women are wanting to create a “shelf at the top of the butt and distinct separation where the glutes meet the hamstring at the top of the back of the leg.”

How to get a Kim Kardashian butt

He also shared some recommendations of how you can get an ass of internet-breaking proportions all for yourself, without the fee of a celebrity-vetted trainer. Specifically, he makes his clients focus on lower-body exercises like “squats and lunge variations.” Next time you hit the gym, try doing 8 to 12 repetitions of squats and side lunges, followed by hip bridges.

“I can’t recommend a weight because everyone is different. The weight should be whatever causes your form to fail between 8 to 12 reps,” he suggested.

When it comes to doing the hip bridges, Peterson suggests using a weight plate, sand bag, or medicine ball on your bikini line as resistance. Or, try doing single leg bridges with no weights.

Original Kim Kardashian butt
The original Kim Kardashian butt, as desired by so many (photo:Profimedia)

The biggest mistake women make when trying to build a Kim Kardashian butt is simply giving up too soon, and not trying hard enough, so be sure to experiment with heavy weights: “The biggest mistake is that women aren’t lifting heavy enough in fear of getting big. They should push themselves!” Peterson advised. When it comes to the frequency with which you should hit the gym, that differs for everyone and will take some testing out to come to a perfect time frame: “Allow time in between heavier lifting days for your body to adequately recover,” he cautioned, adding, “This varies drastically between exercisers, so trial and error will be the best way to gauge.”

What to eat to get a Kim Kardashian butt

In addition to exercise, what you eat is important too—and also how much you eat. Peterson actually recommends eating more while you’re trying to get a Kim Kardashian butt. “Consume quality calories above and beyond your normal caloric intake,” he said. “Start with 250 to 500 supplemental calories daily and make sure you’re happy with your progress.” After trying out the diet, if that feels like too much food, you can then pull back a little on the additional calories. “You need to eat adequate calories and get plenty of sleep, which is when your body recovers and builds muscle,” Peterson said.

And no, he’s not suggesting you eat junk food to get those extra calories but wholesome, unprocessed food with a high protein to low sugar ratio.

You see, a Kim Kardashian butt does not come easy…

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