Heart-warming story of the cat that had to learn to walk on two legs

harvey the kitten

Adorable kitten Harvey has managed to learn to walk despite being born with bones missing from its front legs. He is now waiting for surgery to replace his missing bones …

Looking at these pictures of Harvey the kitten, you’d think he was distinctly uncomfortable.

But this is actually the best way for the four-month-old rescue cat to get around – and he’s perfectly happy with it.

He was born with bones missing from his front legs, but that has been no handicap for the youngster, who has instead learned to walk on his ‘elbows’ and even move along on his back legs.

Harvey, who has a rare condition called radial agenesis, was spotted when his owner put him up for sale on the online advertising site Gumtree.

An X-ray revealed that Harvey’s ulna and radius bones, which connect the upper half of his front legs to his paws, were missing.

He is now waiting for an operation to replace the bones with metal pins thanks to the efforts of animal charity Cats Protection.

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