How to get the investors’ attention if you’re a tech startup with big ideas

Investors are a tough audience that needs some convincing, and we all know there is no ground rule in which project they will invest.

From experience the most valuable word is trust and once you gain their trust, all you need to do is to keep on fulfilling their expectations. Want to know more?

It’s a well-known practice that if you invest in a talented team and give them the freedom, they will be able to create something successful. In BehaviourExchange case, it was a great project idea that has already successfully evolved. Here are some reasons why Behaviour Exchange has justified expectations from investors that trust the team and the project for a while now.

1. BehaviourExchange software is already in the last testing phase


The BehaviourExchange project is not only an idea on paper. The team already developed something amazing and already revealed User Interface at Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference and Slovenia which received amazing response.

Their hard work, ambition, integrity and passion were the reason they created BehaviourExchange. The idea of BehaviourExchange was born out of the experience in media and online marketing over the years.

2. BehaviourExchange solution has been developed to increase business

Everything started with a small but very important realization. Being a part of a very competitive business, the team behind BehaviourExchange project idea saw how important and at the same time how outdated and slow process of cross-promotion is for their marketing and business. Out of that the creation of the automatic cross-promotion system between numerous quality online media was born.

3. BehaviourExchange will leverage the Blockchain world to fuel growth

Till today, the project got upgraded to a whole new level. They are utilizing blockchain technology and token economy to IDENTIFY each online visitor and to PROFILE visitors with demographics and interests. And according to visitor’s profile, BehaviourExchange technology CUSTOMIZES and ADJUSTS the website content in real time.

E.g. Maya and her boyfriend visit the same web page at the same time, but Maya will see the content and the offer created for women and her boyfriend will see the content and the offer created for men.

Pretty impressive! Especially since this service will be available to all online websites and for an affordable monthly fee.

Of course this is not everything. BehaviourExchange is planning to leverage blockchain technology to fuel growth. BehaviourExchange (BEX) token functionality and growth will be ensured by connecting B2C companies, media websites and visitors. Business growth will be driven by a constant demand for tokens since payment is going to be rewarded with discounts, while the profile and network growth will be decentralized and driven by rewards.

4. BehaviourExchange is working with true Big Data

At the moment BehaviourExchange already has over 1 million profiles and over 1 billion user interactions in their data base. Worries aside, everything is in line with data protection law.

How does BehaviourExchange work? Each visit is recorded and stored in Big Database. Then BehaviourExchange technology profiles visitors based on their reading habits through intelligent profiling algorithm. When visitors enter the company’s webpage, BehaviourExchange technology immediately in real-time show different content to each visitor according to his profile, preferences and needs.

5. BehaviourExchange team breathes with the project 24/7

Teams are formed when individuals with common aspirations, vision, and attitude come together and work towards reaching a common goal. It is clear that BehaviourExchange team knows what their vision is and where they are going!

When the team of experts and experience in computer science, online marketing and advertising, content marketing, media, Blockchain and Crypto technologies, IT, audience development, psychology, work together with honesty and passion, everything is possible!

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” — Henry Ford

To keep track of the amazing work BehaviourExchange is doing, visit the website and follow us on Medium.

BehaviourExchange team is also posting about the progress of the project on Telegram, so follow our story and stay informed at

And one last tip that investors are well aware about: Profiles are the currency of the future!

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Profiles are the currency of the future

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