Foul mouth: What the use of dirty words says about us

Are vulgar words a part of your vocabulary? What do they actually say about a person?


What do vulgar words say about us?

It is said that people who utter vulgar words related to sexual intercourse and sexuality one after another with pleasure, not to say with pride, use them to express anger and frustrations. Vulgar words and sexual swearing words overlap. The most interesting thing is that these expressions are used by people who are sexually suppressed. Indians, for example, who have a less repressive attitude towards sexuality, use other words to express frustrations.

Vulgar words: Cunt or pussy

Cunt or pussy is a slang word referring to a woman’s genital area. However, it also refers to a person that is powerless, a coward, crybaby, and definitely not to a person that is respected and praiseworthy. We do not want to analyze the words, but the fact is that they are not just words. They reflect a lot of things. Namely, the unconscious is transformed through them, and they can be the driving force of actions. Words are powerful. They persuade us. What do therefore vulgar words that we use persuade us of? That a woman and everything connected with her is weak and cowardly? Or that she is a babe, if defined by such a humiliating and vulgar expression?

Vulgar words: Suck my dick!

”Suck my dick” (or give me a blow job) is even a more paradoxical swear word. Something that is supposed to be a matter of pleasure, and letting oneself go, is perceived as a punishment and as a humiliating act. Is a blow job really such a severe punishment that we have to throw it into someone’s face? ”Suck my dick” is the other side of the same coin that puts a woman in an unworthy position during sexual sexual intercourse. When we do not swear, the expressions related to sexual intercourse are very sterile, which also indicates our negative attitude towards sexuality. Is there anything wrong with a blow job, a woman, or the social understanding of sexuality? Maybe we are not aware of it, but all these potentially vulgar words are not used by chance. However, they do not express the general state of understanding women and their sexuality in a society.

Vulgar words: Lick my pussy

How often do you hear “Lick my pussy”? Usually we do not hear it very often. Maybe the reasons for it is that women do not consider their genitals as the scourge of God, or because they do not know how to demand licking as self-confidently as men demand a blow job, or they have too much respect for their genitals.

Vulgar words indicate that there is nothing worse in our culture than being a woman. Naturally, not all vulgar words, but we can safely say that the majority of them. According to vulgar words, it is definitely worse to be a woman than a man.

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