Founder and CEO of BehaviourExchange: ”Our service will change the way people use the Internet!”

The startup introduces a completely new approach to digital marketing

”We believe that the decentralization of personal data is an absolutely essential development that will profoundly determine the digital future.

BehaviourExchange cracks the code of how to reach a massive audience and have a personalized, one-to-one relationship with each consumer

Already in the middle ages, merchants wanted to know as much as possible about their customers, their characteristics and needs in order to personalize their offer and in consequence increase their sales and efficiency of their customer management. Nowadays, with enormous amount of various offers in the internet, the importance of knowing the customer’s personal characteristics and interest is bigger than ever. Knowing and understanding the customer is crucial for success of any B2C business. It is the marketers’ Holy Grail to illuminate previously dark data and thus uncover consumer and product insights faster than the competition. For consumers, this makes for an intuitive experience that provides powerful utility within a trusted environment.

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BehaviourExchange will revolutionize the way companies behave and communicate with all of us today. The technology we developed will enable businesses to communicate more efficiently. 

IN SHORT: Firstly, BehaviourExchange identifies and profiles visitors of a website in real time and, secondly, enables an automated customization of website content so that each visitor is greeted with a personalized offer of products, services and media content. Thirdly, the use of blockchain technology warrants a decentralized and safe record of all data.

The BehaviourExchange project relies on over 20 years of digital experience. Not only my own, but of the entire team of top experts in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, mathematics, IT, psychology, advertising, sales, communication and consumer profiling. I cannot think of a single project that is as simple and at the same time as sophisticated and complex, that combines so much interdisciplinary experience and is able to solve such an important problem: identifying and knowing each customer at the very moment they enter the store (website) and to personalize the offer of products or services they look for in real time.

Please joins us in our global endeavor to enable millions of companies and online visitors to use the internet in a much more intuitive, friendly and efficient way than they do today. With your help we will shape the future of the online environment and create a more satisfying digital experience for businesses and customers alike.


Marijan Jurenec

Co-founder and BehaviourExchange CEO

With your help BehaviourExchange will shape the digital future and create a more satisfying online experience for businesses and customers alike. Become part of the project!

BehaviourExchange is offering a limited number of BEX tokens to early contributors in a private pre-sale on February 23rd 2018. If you wish to be a part of the project, you can whitelist on the official BehaviourExchange website.

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