Celebs who don’t shave their armpits

Many Celebrities stopped shaving their armpits. And they are proudly sharing it with their fans on social media.

Willow Smith (Photo: Profimedia)
Lola Kirke (Photo: Profimedia)
Gigi Hadid (Photo: Profimedia)
Alexa Chung (Photo: Profimedia)
Bella Thorne (Photo: Profimedia)
Lourdes Leon (Photo: Profimedia)
Madonna (Photo: Profimedia)
Madonna (Photo: Profimedia)
Scout Willis (Photo: Profimedia)
Scout Willis (Photo: Profimedia)
Paris Jackson (Photo: Profimedia)
Michelle Rodriguez (Photo: Profimedia)
Miley Cyrus (Photo: Profimedia)

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Beauty is pain: Compilation of epic beauty fails

Ever heard the saying “beauty is pain”? Well, that’s pretty accurate from the looks of this hilarious compilation of epic beauty fails! Whether it’s hair gone haywire or face mask madness, these videos prove that it isn’t easy to look good! This stuff takes effort!