Why You Can’t Pop a Cyst Like a Pimple?

A sebaceous cyst is different from pimple because they’re trapped underneath the skin — in other words, you can’t pop ‘em. Read about what causes them and how to treat them best.

What is the difference between a Pimple and a Cyst?

Cystic acne is a type of abscess that occurs when oil ducts get infected, usually deep below the skin tissue. For this reason, cystic pimples usually appear further underneath the surface than common pimples so it never actually comes to a poppable head. Cysts are most likely to affect your chin and jawline since this area has a large number oil glands, which means a higher probability of breakouts and clogged pores. They could leave scars so they need to be treated correctly.

Acne nodules, or cysts, are hair follicles blocked by sebum plugs that have become infected with the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes (Photo: Profimedia)

What causes cystic acne?

For most women, cystic acne is linked to a hormonal imbalance. So they’re likely to experience cystic acne around their menstrual cycles. You should also become mindful of what you are doing to cause it including, lack of sleep, too much sugar and caffeine. To determine if your acne cysts are directly related to what you eat you should try cutting dairy out of your diet for two weeks. If you don’t develop any new cysts and you normally would have by now, then this might solve your problem.

How to treat a cyst?

It is recommended that you visit a dermatologist to discuss treatment options. But you need to leave cysts alone, because all that aggression only makes it worse.

You can get rid of acne cysts fast using medical options like antibiotics, retinoid treatments, and laser therapy. More and more cystic acne patients are getting help with treatments and drugs, although the drugs have gotten more powerful and their side effects have increased. Another big key in preventing cyst formation is to focus on proper lymphatic drainage, which ensures liquids beneath the skin don’t get trapped, or build up. The easiest way to do this is by incorporating sonic cleansing into your routine.

Lancing or draining the cyst with a sharp needle is a common medical procedure, but it should never be done at home or without the supervision of a licensed professional. Improper lancing may result in scarring or infection, and should not be attempted at home.

Eating better, resting your mind and body, and regularly washing and exfoliating your skin will also help significantly.

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