Babies Explain 11 Stages of Dating

Are you single and looking to mingle? Do you find that the dating scene is riddled with difficulties? Take a break from your single struggles and watch this TOTALLY relatable video of babies explaining the 11 stages of dating.

1. When you find your match! 2. But realize you are NOT that into them! 3. So you tell them you only want to be friends! 4. Then you find a new date! 5. And fall in love way too fast! 6. But they never call you back! 7. And you realize they are NOT that into you! 8. When they finally decide to call you back! 9. When you try to get back out there! 10. And realize you will always want what you cant have! 11. So you are better off dating yourself! There you go. It feels so much better when you have people you can relate to even if they are a bunch of babies! Share your thoughts or comment below! Did we miss a stage of dating?

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You know the old saying — all you need is love! And we know that love comes in many forms, and these kids aren’t afraid to show it! A lot of these kids have love for their family, but it’s also so precious to hear these adorable kiddos talk about their crushes and first boyfriends and girlfriends. It really is very sweet. My favorite video has to be the clip of the toddler boy who gives a toddler girl a kiss and then claps as if he was THE MAN.