She paid 50k for surgery to become Melania Trump

Claudia spent 50,000USD to look like Melania Trump after bullying from childhood and after beating breast cancer being told she looked way older than she was – she decided to drastically change every part of her body.

A cancer survivor haunted by bullying over her appearance and looking old for her age has had a USD50,000 -37,000GBP- transformation to look like MELANIA TRUMP. Claudia Sierra, 42, from Houston in Texas, USA, believes shes been reborn since surgeries to make her a doppelganger of the First Lady and can finally let go of pain caused by decades of verbal abuse.

She suffered with a low self-esteem her entire life from the bullying about size of her nose, her hair and darker complexion, which started at the age of seven. The mum-of-two was plagued with confidence issues for years due to the torment, peaking this year, when a date told her she looked much older than her age shortly after beating breast cancer.

She sought the help of Dr. Rose who performed USD50,000 – 37,000GBP – worth of surgery including breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, eyelid lift and more. Her transformation was inspired by the look of Melania Trump, who she believes is a strong, powerful and glamorous woman that has faced many similar struggles to herself. Since completing her new-look last month, she feels beautiful and is ready to leave the emotional problems caused by victimisation behind her.


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