Halloween make-up inspiration: Horrifyingly brilliant face paint art will give you the shivers

Halloween is coming soon. Take a look and find some inspiration for you Halloween make-up.

Some of these astonishing images are a part of a makeup artist’s 31 Days of Halloween project which also includes a scary doll and an evil clown. Other pictures show looks such as a creepy granny, a mummy and a demon nun. The crazy creations were dreamt up by student and visual artist and content creator Kyne Santos (18) from Kitchener, Canada. Some of the others were created by Nikki Shelley, 34, from Rugby in Warwickshire, who has built a career out of face painting after she started practicing on her children.

Meet also the stunning Swedish blonde who transforms herself into horrifying Halloween visions – using nothing more than makeup. The power of face paints and a few brushes means Emma Hedman can become a disturbing doll, blood-drinking skeleton or severed head.

And there is also a teen that creates amazing gory looks using make-up after experimenting with Halloween make-up. Tiffany Baze, from Willits, California, started playing with her mums make-up when she was just 12 and loved experimenting with new looks.

Normally, pictures can be worth a thousand words but these images of some horrifyingly brilliant face paint art will give you the shivers. The fascinating photographs will make your head spin and your stomach churn as the life-like illustrations leave you shocked…

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