Meet the worst dressed celebrity couple

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton both suffered sartorial blunders as they enjoyed a romantic date night on Tuesday

Mutual fashion fail

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton suffered a mutual fashion fail of epic proportions as they stepped out on a date night on Tuesday.

The Formula One champion led the way in the style shockers, no doubt making fashionistas the world over shirk away in horror at the sight of his full leather tracksuit. Covered head-to-toe in plastic-looking material, the 28-year old racing driver ace seemed to be totally unaware of the sartorial blunder he was making as he left the exclusive E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills alongside his girlfriend. Lewis’ glaringly obvious fashion fail distracted from Nicole’s somewhat questionable choice of headgear. Usually immaculately dressed, the 34-year-old singer wore a slightly bizarre brown-grey turban that not even she as one of the world’s most beautiful women could pull off.

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