Insane!!! This Girl is Whitney Houston’s reincarnation

Glennis Grace, the new reborn of Whitney Houston, singing Run To You.

Glennis Grace is a singer from the Netherlands who in 2005 won the national selection in the Netherlands for the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 for the nation. Grace’s song was the ballad My Impossible Dream, but she did not advance to the final. She was discovered after she won a Dutch TV talent show where she performed Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”.

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Dad Tries Hoverboard and FAILS

A man falls while trying to ride an electric hoverboard inside the house. Have you ever tried to ride one of these hoverboards? They are tricky! This man is determined to give it a try and he isnt afraid to lean on his dad and his daughter. Even with the help of his family, he manages to fall.