Hot in New York: The ultimate street style gallery!

Wanna know what’s hot right now? Check out this über-stylish photogallery to see what the cool kids wear in the streets of New York

While browsing through all the awesome stuff on Tumblr we came across a photography blog that blew our mind! A young NY photographer who calls himself Aagdolla has put together an amazing overview of what’s hot in the streets of the Big Apple. No doubt, New York is still the center of urban street style. (CHECK OUT THE GALLERY!)

This is what young Aagdolla says about himself:

Hi, my name is Antonio but some people call me aagdolla. I am a Graphic Designer and a Photographer who fell in love with photography after i bought a camera for class my first semester in college. Most of the photos you see on my blog are taken by me. I reside in New York.

Here you can see aagdollas whole blog.

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