She drinks her friend’s SEMEN every morning to stay healthy and beautiful

”A shot of semen each morning has so many benefits for men and women alike and I’ve welcomed it positively into my daily routine; how about you?”

She claims semen, ‘harvested’ and delivered fresh each morning by a male friend in a (clean) Chinese takeaway pot, is the secret to baby soft, clear, skin.

‘I think people are concerned with the thought of putting semen on their face but actually it’s a very natural and healthy thing to do,’ she says during her lengthy tutorial.

The 28-year-old credits the ‘man moisturiser’, which she rubs into her skin and leaves to soak in for around 20 minutes, with vastly improving her complexion in the last year.

‘You know, semen builds babies, they come out very soft and they have beautiful skin,’ she explains.

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