Fake butt gone wrong: video of woman flipping her loose implants is the stuff of nightmares

This is definitely the most disturbing video of butt implants gone wrong – check out the video to see how this woman can flip the implants inside her behind!

Butt implants have been around for quite some time now, and while this is certainly not the first butt implant gone wrong that we’ve seen, it’s the most disturbing video we’ve seen yet. In a plastic surgery gone horribly, horribly wrong, the woman in the video shows how her butt implant can actually flip around backwards in her butt. Yes, we realize how gross this sounds – it’s because it is gross.

The ample-bottomed lady in the video says, “This is my butt implant flipping backwards. I don’t think implants are supposed to do that”. We don’t have medical degrees, but we’re going to go ahead and verify that statement. Implants, no matter where they may be, should absolutely not be flipping backwards, or even being that visible, for that matter.

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