An artist paralysed by a gunshot now paints jaw-dropping celebrity portraits with her mouth

Inspiring Mariam Pare was paralysed when shot in the back while waiting at a stop sign but through sheer determination is now living out her dream as a professional artist.

Soon after graduating from art school Mariam, 41, became quadriplegic in a freak shooting but soon found a whole new way to paint again incredibly using only her mouth.

She is using only her mouth to control her brush strokes

When  she was 20 years old, the aspiring young painter went to visit her friend in Virginia. During her visit, Mariam was shot in the back by an unknown assailant. The incident left her paralyzed, with only limited function in her hands. After a year of depression, Mariam’s occupational therapist suggested she try using her mouth as a tool to write and paint. Slowly she was able to once again paint beautiful portraits using only her mouth to control her brush strokes.

“A therapist had taught me to write my name with a pen (in my mouth),” Paré tells. “And immediately, I thought, I can paint this way. If I can write my name this way, I can paint this way.”

Watch her paint president Trump:


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